About Us


Blue Aliens Community is the first of its kind community in the world which is unique and works for creating awareness on Space Junk (Debris) and Aliens (Supernatural). Our mission is to create a common platform or community for the like-minded people on subjects such as Space Debris, Space Exploration, New Space Technology, Various Planets, extraterrestrial, Space Laws / Jurisdiction, UFOs and Aliens.

Community Mission

The foremost mission of Blue Aliens Community are:

  • Awareness, Exploration & Preservation of SPACE
  • Awareness, Exploration & Preservation of SUPERNATURALS

Community Purpose

  • Work with various governments for setting up stringent laws for space exploration and debris.
  • Converting our community to a globally recognized body for space explorations, missions and debris control.
  • Publish research papers on space debris, extraterrestrial life (aliens), UFOs, new space technology, environmental studies on various planets for public awareness.
  • Set up Blue Aliens educational institutes & theme parks for astronomy, astrology, rocket science and xenology to meet future demand of astronauts, space engineers and scientists.  
  • Donate 70% of our net revenues to a Space Agency or Agencies working on developing technologies for Space Debris Removal.

Members Activities

  • Members should use activity feeds to share their research papers, emotions, pictures, videos with all community members and should also create local forums.
  • Join events and rallies for creating mass awareness on space and supernaturals (Aliens).
  • Raise funds by organising & attending various BAC events and parties, also by buying & selling BAC merchandise.


BAC will recognise members as per their contribution to the community’s activities and missions. Selected members in various categories will be given medals, cash prize and goodies in an annual Blue Aliens Community event.