Is Mysterious ‘Snail’ Crawling Across Pluto’s Surface?


Humans are always curious to find extraterrestrial life and a picture of Pluto’s surface sent by NASA’s New Horizan probe in the year 2016 had spread a shock wave to various space agencies and enthusiasts across the globe. While many may want to credit this celestial creepy crawler as proof of extraterrestrial life, NASA says that theory is not very likely.

But these unprecedented images are very strange and it looks like a giant snail is crawling and leaving a path behind on the ice. But in the extreme cold conditions of Pluto, it is unlikely for any living being to survive and also it is difficult to imagine a Snail growing to that giant size. So, what it is then ?

Pluto is an active geological world and the liquid Nitrogen over its surface deforming the lava which comes out from the core of the planet and freeze it, which later slides down and gives an illusion of a Giant Snail.

Instead, scientists believe Pluto’s snail could simply be dirty water “icebergs” floating in denser solid nitrogen, NASA reports.

The area where the mysterious object was toward the center of Sputnik Planum, just to the left of Pluto’s heart.

Sputnik Planum’s icy landscape isn’t an easy, flat surface to travel, however. Its surface is divided into pieces or polygons that can be 10 miles to 24 miles wide, and scientists believe these cells elevate and sink depending on heat received by Pluto’s reserved internal heat.

Computer models show that these blobs of toppling solid nitrogen can slowly merge over millions of years.

As frozen water is less denser than frozen Nitrogen so it floats above it and what we saw was floating iceburgs in the sea of frozen Nitrogen.

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